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   Tiki Hut Paradise Distributors

    We are looking for distributors across Canada and United States.  Tiki Hut Paradise business model has been structured in such a way that allows a distributor, with a small investment and committed effort to be successful.

    Hub distributors

    As a Hub Distributor you would have exclusive control over your district Province or State, allowing you to develop and place Base Distributors in your district by zone, or city, and in turn grow your business and profit.  (We recommend a Hub Distributor be located in a major city or center in your Province or State and maintain this location as a Base Distributor as well.)         

    Base distributors

    As a Base Distributor you would have exclusive control over your district, zone, or city.  This would allow you to develop your business selling Tiki Hut Paradise Products and comprehensive range of natural, and Eco-friendly synthetic building materials to architects, contractors, developers, designers, home-owners and grow your business and profit.

   With a distributorship you will:

• Have reduced pricing on Tiki Hut Paradise selected products
• Inquiries about products from your district, zone, or city will be forwarded directly to you
• Use of branding and logo
• Web site listing on Tiki Hut Paradise with your links
• Advertising and photo package
• Related PDF. Files
• Access to Tiki Hut Paradise product display line

    Don’t miss out on a great opportunity

For more information please call or fill out email form below. 
    Bill Prodenchuk (613) 858-4761

Becoming  a Distributor

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