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 Rioha Leaves

     Rioha leaves were designed to be laid directly over an existing roof structure, such as wooden panels, shingles, metal sheeting, or any other finished paneling.

    Versatile and easy-to-lay, these products are the ideal aesthetically-pleasing solution for any roofing renovation projects.

    A fire-retardant option is also available for this synthetic leaf products.

    This leaf type offer  distinct technical advantages: full and effective exterior coverage in any weather, the Rio is designed with a finer tip, which more closely resembles the Coconut Palm.


To be nailed or screwed, leaves only (no rails).
Minimum of 8 leaves per square meter.
12,5 cm spacing between rows.
Installation in quincunx 2/1.

First 2 rows must be stacked to give appearance of thickness along the roof’s edge.


Pack of 72 leaves 110.88 sq. ft.
98 cm x 64 cm x 15 cm - 23 kg

40" x 24" x 6" - 40 lbs
Pallet of 14 packs of leaves
104 cm x 130 cm x 125 cm

 Rioha Leaves

1.54 Sq. Ft. per leaf 
Bundle of 72 sheets 110.88 Sq. Ft.

Retail price starting                    $6.95 Sq. Ft.

Fire Retardant Class A                $8.55 Sq. Ft.

Retail priced by number of Sq. Ft. needed. 

Commercial pricing based on the quantity of thatch purchase in square feet.

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