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   I founded The Professionals Group in 1988, with the vision to be recognized as the leader in the residential and commercial construction industry in Eastern Ontario Canada.  Over the past twenty five years I began to see the decline in qualified trade’s men and woman in most construction industries.  Along with this decline I saw a growing trend, the need for quality designed and built themed structures in kit form.

    With this in mind I established Tiki Hut Paradise.  The purpose being to create a business and brand that will set the standard in the industry, supplying wood structures and themed building kits to the residential and commercial construction industry.

    We have established relationships with a number of fabricators across North America to build our structures and theme building kits to Tiki Hut Paradise standards. 

      Material Supply/Sourcing & Shipping

     Tiki Hut Paradise specializes in the supply of a comprehensive range of natural, and Eco-friendly synthetic building materials to architects, contractors, developers, designers, home-owners, and our growing number of distributors across Canada and United States.

    We currently source material from a number of countries around the world, with warehouses in both Canada and United States, Tiki Hut Paradise can effectively ship anywhere in North America. Due to the large volumes of materials we supply, we enjoy premium shipping rates and discounts, which are then passed on to you, our valued customers.

      Custom Manufacturing

    Our well-trained team can translate your concept into shop drawings, or even a full 3-dimensional rendering, so you can be sure everything is perfect prior to manufacture. Our fabricators have been hand-picked for their fine craftsmanship, as well as their familiarity in working with our unique range of materials.

    With our head office and a manufacturing facility in Ottawa ON Canada, as well as a number of manufacturing facility located across the United States and Canada we are able to minimize our shipping cost to our distributors, retail and commercial customers.


    Specialized products most often call for specialized installers.  And while many of Tiki Hut Paradise products are extremely do-it-yourself friendly, you may prefer to have one of Tiki Hut Paradise qualified installation teams complete your project for you. Scope is rarely an issue as we have successfully tackled many projects large and small.

​      Tiki Hut Paradise Distributors

    We will be expanding Tiki Hut Paradise into the United States, in the fall of 2014 / 15. Our U.S. head office will be located in Tampa Florida USA.

    We will also be setting up a number of Hub Distributors and Base Distributors around the U.S. and Canada over the summer and fall of 2013 and onward.

    If you are interested in becoming a Hub or Base Distributor we believe Tiki Hut Paradise business model has been structured in such a way that allows a distributor, with a small investment and committed effort to be successful.

    Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to be your own boss or expand your current establishment and get involved in a new exciting and developing business Tiki Hut Paradise.

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    Bill Prodenchuk  (613) 858-4761


Owner & Founder

 Bill Prodenchuk

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