T-REX Post and Beam Connectors

        Tiki Hut Paradise is happy to announce not only will we be using T-REX Post and Beam Connectors on all our timber frame structures, we will be distributing T-REX Post and Beam Connectors and tooling in Canada. We have been looking for ways to simplify the building process of our post and beam structures, and  the T-REX Post and Beam Connectors are a perfect fit for our needs. The simplicity and ease-of-use is unparalleled in the building industry.


     The patented T-REX Connectors are made from 6061 structural grade aluminum and anodized for protection. Eleven different connector sizes available to match your beam and configuration choices. You will be amazed how quickly your building can be assembled with our unique T-REX Connectors along with the tooling we have available for purchase or rent. (Ask about rental details)


     When you are framing with post and beam, you can count on T-REX Connectors saving you time and money while preserving the beauty and clean look of natural wood. Do-it-yourselfers can easily master building with our connectors. Contractors and architects can offer their clients an option to other methods of timber framing.

Watch the video below to see exactly how to use the T-REX Framing System.  

We take each order personally over the phone, so call Tiki Hut Paradise at (613) 858 - 4761 anytime..