Preserved Palm Trees


    These plants look real because they are made from real preserved plants! Tiki Hut Paradise preserved palms are made from actual palm leaves. Our leaves are harvested without any harm to the live tree. Then, they are transformed through a proprietary scientific systemic process. This process also makes the leaf internally fire retardant, not topically, perfect for the strictest commercial fire codes. Then we custom build your all natural palm trunk to your specifications from real palm bark. Assembly is simple: the preserved leaves / palm fronds will fit right into the receiver holes in the top of the trunk. A preserved palm tree can either be cemented into a pot or we can provide a base plate to mount onto the floor.


    In terms of quality and price, the value of our preserved trees is tremendous. The bark and preserved leaves of our trees appears natural to the eyes and touch simply because they are real. Trees of this quality are typically found in hotels, malls, resorts, or casinos. All of our preserved palm fronds come with a 4 year limited warranty. In our opinion, we have made every effort to build our preserved palms to the highest quality standards. Built to last! All of Tiki Hut Paradise custom preserved plants are for interior locations only. Each Preserved Tree is virtually maintenance free, bug free, requires no watering, and comes with a warranty.

   Price may vary at time of  purchase due to exchange  rate