Tiki Hut Paradise Palm Trees

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​      Areca Palm
7' Canopy with 40 Leaves 

  7’ - $1,685.00 US.
  8’ - $1,745.00 US.
  9’ - $1,785.00 US.

10’ - $1,845.00 US.


  Artificial Areca Palms will take a barren

pool area and aesthetically improve it. They can be used to enclose it, or add privacy to the outdoor space. Palm Trees can create atmosphere by creating reflection on the pool area. Theses palms are available with a natural palm bark trunk. Our Areca Palm Tree is available from 7 -10 feet tall.



   Price may vary at time of  purchase due to exchange  rate  

​      Bottle Palm


7’ Tall
20 Leaves

$1,185.00 US.

30 Leaves  

$1,385.00 US.


It is possible for Tiki Hut Paradise palm trees to be incorporated into a patio or pool area, and help beautify it into a luxurious garden. We have worked with many landscapers nationally to put together a beautiful display according to the end users specifications.


   Price may vary at time of  purchase due to exchange  rate  

Bottle Palm Trees

with Smooth Trunk


   8’ Tall
  30 Leaves

  $1,285.00 US.

The Phoenix Date Palm Bush has sumptuous bushy leaves, with one of the most spectacular foliage spreads of all the palms. This delightful palm has gained significant popularity worldwide since the city of Dubai created the most luxurious resort island in shape of a Phoenix Date Palm Tree.

Phoenix Date Palms are one of the most useful of all desert plants in the Middle East. Throughout the world Phoenix Date Palms are used for decoration as well as for “building materials, animal feed, tools and rope.”


   Price may vary at time of  purchase due to exchange  rate