Tiki Hut Paradise Palm Trees

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  Roebelenii Palm



      4' Canopy 50 Baby            Areca Leaves                                  

  5’ - $945.00 US.
  6’ - $995.00 US.

  7’ - $1045.00 US.



  Roebeleniis can be found in nearly every tropical region of the world. Mature specimens make a stunning display in the garden, particularly when grouped in an island. If this were a live tree it would grow in clusters of 2-5 palms.Use up lights for an extravagant design.

This palm is available in 6 - 11 feet overall height. It is produced with a replica Roebelinii trunk, and it includes 40-50 palm fronds. Also available with preserved fronds when used indoors.

      Sago Palm
      5' Canopy with 35  Sago Leaves
  3’ - $695.00 US.
7' Canopy with 35  Sago Leaves
  5’ - $745.00 US.
      Sago Palm

     7' Canopy with 60  Sago Leaves



  5’ - $1,045.00 US.

  While the artificial palms provide the feeling of absolute realism, they do not have some of the common problems facing the living plants; they will not die, overgrow their area, and require special irrigation or lighting systems.

   Price may vary at time of  purchase due to exchange  rate