Barcelona Double-Sided Bamboo Board

Barcelona Double Sided Bamboo Board

4’ x  8’ x ¾” two side sheet

Code (DM-CRUBAM#3)


Appearance            :


Double sided  crushed bamboo applied to either side of a 1/2" thick plywood. Bamboo strips are approx 4" wide, and more rustic than in the crushed bamboo.




Can be used both indoors and outside. If in an exterior application, treat with a polyurethane coating.


Fire Protection:


Can be treated with Fire Retardant.




Extremely durable. This can be used in the same way as standard 3/4" plywood. Ideal for high traffic areas where more delicate material would deteriorate quickly.


Ease of Installation:


Easy to install; use screws or nails. Ideal for applications where both sides of the sheet will be seen.




Arrives with a finish, but if properly sanded, will receive a stain nicely.




By far one of our most rugged decorative materials, this product may be used in the same manner as standard 3/4" plywood. Made by applying crushed bamboo to both sides of a 1/2" thick 4ft x 8ft sheet of plywood, this product is ideal for situations where both sides of the board are visible. The bamboo strips are approximately 4" wide, and appear more rustic than in our Crushed Bamboo. This product is often used in cabinetry, doors, bar facades, as well as countertops and decorative wall treatments.