Barcelona Crushed Bamboo Board

Barcelona Crushed Bamboo

4’ x 8’ x 4mm.

Code (DM-CRUBAM#2)




Single sided 6" wide crushed bamboo poles on plywood backing. Very pronounced

nodes and a stunning natural amber color make this material a very distinctive decorative element.




May be used both interior and exterior applications. If in an exterior setting, the product must be treated with a polyurethane mix.


Fire Protection:


Can be treated with Fire Retardant.




Weathers well. Lifespan can be prolonged by protecting product edges with trim, and by finishing the product with urethane.

Ease of Installation:


Extremely easy to install; stapled, nailed, screw or applied with contact adhesive for some applications . (TIP: Look at some of our other bamboo products to use as trim).




Does not take a stain. Typically the skin of most bamboo is too smooth for a stain to stay on.




Large Weave Bamboo Plywood 4’ x 8’ sheet 4mm (one sided) is beautifully textured with thick strips of bamboo woven together in a herringbone pattern. The board is rigid which makes it easy to apply to walls or ceilings. The Large Weave Bamboo is easy to cut in various shapes and does not fray along the cut edge. This plywood weathers well, especially when urethane has been applied.