Barcelona Sulu

Barcelona Sulu


Size: 4’ H x 2’ W x 5mm.

Code (DM-HMTSUL#1)




Palm Twigs and Smoked Shell 2" x 4" rectangles, Unvarnished on Plywood.




Interior only. Not appropriate for damp/wet spaces.


Fire Protection:


Currently in testing – results soon.




Decorative natural material. Tiki Hut Paradise warranties against factory defect.


Ease of Installation:


Simply apply construction adhesive to back of the board. Trim with material of your choice.




Natural Unvarnished.




5mm. thick plywood, with natural palm twigs and sea shells.




As this is a naturally occurring material (palm twigs and sea shells), slight variations in color and appearance are expected (and in fact, sought after as it lends a more natural appearance), and are not indicative of material defect in any way.