Barcelona  Small Weave 

Barcelona Small Weave Bamboo

4’ x 8’ sheet 2mm. thick

Code (DM-Wov.Sm.Bam#1) 




Brown, green, and tan strips of bamboo skin have been woven into a large herringbone pattern. Typically used as decorative wall and ceiling treatments.




(Int. vs. Ext.) Can be used both indoors and outside. If in an exterior application, treat with a Polyurethane coating.


Fire Protection:


Can be treated with Fire Retardant.




Weathers well. Lifespan can be prolonged by protecting product edges with trim, and by finishing the product with urethane.


Ease of Installation:


Extremely easy to install; stapled, nailed, or applied with contact adhesive. (TIP: Look at some of our other bamboo products to use as trim)




Does not take a stain.




Bamboo skin shavings Light brown, green, and tan strips of bamboo skin are woven together in a herringbone pattern. Unlike Tiki Hut Paradise other Bamboo Plywood, Herringbone uses the skin of the bamboo, and therefore is single sided with a definite polished appearance. This plywood weathers well, especially when urethane has been applied.