Architectural Structure and Design

  Over the past twenty-five years our designers and craftsmen have created and built some of the most beautiful projects around.  Some of these include:  Foyer Glass Water Falls,  Pool Side Retreats,  One of a Kind Curved Wooden Decking,  Pool Waterfalls with Diving Stones,  Japanese Tea House,  Hot Tub Structures, Cedar Bridges,  Sculpture Light Panels and Tiki Structures of all types.


     Our Design Process

    Consultations and Plans

     The design process begins with a consultation as you and our designer sit down to discuss your ideas, concerns, and dreams.  Reviewing our portfolio can help you envision the many different possibilities and options pertaining to your project’s needs.  Tiki Hut Paradise design team will give you the perfect design concept and provide cost breakdowns with alternatives for every aspect of the design.  We recommend that the design process start well ahead of any construction.  It is our goal to make the construction process as easy as possible and problem-free.

    Once you have your plans, the next phase of the process is to put your plan into action, we then proceed to the;

    Base plan creation

   We prepare a base scale plan using computer generated design software or hand sketch design depending on scale, info from property survey, site measurements and pictures taken from site.  All hardscaping and existing softscaping (plantings) are measured and located onto base plan if required. 

      Conceptual plan: (optional) 

    This is a preliminary design showing locations for hardscape features and softscaping areas. Ideas and themes are shown, discussed with client.  

    Final master plan

    Scale drawing showing all features and layout plans.  Product samples to be used on project, and or Photos. Overlay design and pictures provided if possible.  Final cost estimates for project.  

Additional construction drawings may be required for Building Permits.

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